Shipping Informations

We work and sell exclusively for/to commercial customers (resellers, B2B).


We sell and ship our online shop articles only within Germany of the European Union, as well as to Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. Outside these countries, articles are only sold and shipped within the framework of individual export enquiries with a minimum order value of 2500 € net, which, however, have no connection whatsoever with this online shop.

There is no minimum quantity surcharge or minimum order value for online shop articles.

We do everything to ensure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible. The delivery time for our immediately available items is usually 1-3 working days, but the delivery time may vary depending on the product. Please note the information in the detailed view of the respective item.

Online shop items are shipped exclusively via DHL parcel service (no express shipping). If DHL does not reach you the first time, your order will be delivered to the nearest post office branch, where it will be available for collection for 7 working days. After that, the shipment is returned to us.


We offer the SaaS solutions 
COMMISSIONING & STORAGE MANAGEMENT worldwide. There is no objective shipping.


For our
SERVICES services, an individual offer is made outside this online shop  offer request).


From an order value of 100 € net, shipping is free of charge.

If the net order value is less than 100 €, shipping is charged at a flat rate of 5.99 € (no island surcharge).

Shipping costs according to shipping weight (incl. packaging):

European Union

• 16 € bis 5 kg
• 21 € bis 10 kg
• 32 € bis 20 kg (incl. VAT)
• 45 € bis 30 kg (incl. VAT)

Great Britain, Switzerland

• 27 € bis 5 kg
• 35 € bis 10 kg
• 49 € bis 20 kg
• 56 € bis 30 kg


• 30 € bis 5 kg
• 38 € bis 10 kg
• 53 € bis 20 kg
• 61 € bis 30 kg